Is there anybody interested in 2€ Spanish conmemorative coins?

Hello to everybody. I’ m new here. 

I have been collecting euro coins since 1999, but now I want to make my colection bigger.

so, if any of you is interested in spanish euro coins, I think I have all of them ( except for 2018 2cc ) and it wouldn’t be hard for me to get even more.

i am interested in many conmemorative coins ( maybe 60% of them)  and in some regular coins of all values, specially from far away countries.

please, tell me if you are interested.

thank you.

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Hi Asier,

I have all UNC 2€ commemorative coins (and a lot of circulated of them)  to sell, if you are interested send me msg

best regards


I have portuguese rolls! Send me a PM! Thanks!

Hi Asier.

Do you only have spanish 2€ CC or have also from other countries?

I have all the coins from Spain (CC), but want to substitute for UNC, do you have UNC coins?

I have many coins to swap (circulated and UNC).

Do you an e-mail, in order to write to you?

My e-mail is "".




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