Hi to every one, I'm giving away a my Euro Collection, I've hundreds of coins.

I can send to every one my lists.



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Hi Mario,

i am interested in 2€ commemorative only.

If you have some, send me your List to


Best regards, Stephan from Vienna


I am interested in commemorative coins.

Can you send me a list of them?

My email alen.irsic@gmail.com

Greetings Alen

I collect all coins, can you send me your list please? dees_diamant@hotmail.com

Can you pls send me your list?

commemoratives pls



Hello , I collect "normal " coins only (not commemorative ) , please send to frediboj@hotmail.fr

Hi i collect commemorative and normal coins.

Please send me your list 


Can you pls send me your list for commemoratives?


Hello, can you send me your list of commemoratives, and regular ones?

After three of them raided hundreds of coins, I updated my lists. I've hundreds of coins yet. I'd like to sell but I collect 1 ruble coins of URSS/CCCP, English coins ELisabeth II, so if someone have some of this coins i can swap too.

Forza Napoli ! (and only for this evening forza Inter !)

Hi Mario

Could you please sent me the list of Euro coins you want to swap?

My adress is hildensemensis@web.de

Best regards,


Hi, could you send me your list to fjosesalesalegre@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.


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