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It has been a while.  I have a full collection of euro coins since 1999 that I stopped collecting in 2010, I have even all different mint marks for all countries, and tons of commemorative coins.  But, where can I find a full catalogue of all coins, by country, by year, and the differences?

While I need to pick up my collection and catchup for the past few years, I am cataloguing what I currently have and do not remember clearly why I have different years.  For example, Netherlands 1999 coins and 2000 coins has a tiny mint mark difference ... where can I see a detailed list of all coins?



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varieties of euro coins you can see here:


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Thanks but that is not what I am looking for.  For example, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece ... has a few variations of their coins at the early years, because they were minted in difference places, so they have different mint marks ... that is not shown in that site :(

My site has what I think are all the coins that have been minted, including varieties.


What you can say about this coin ?


The one on the left looks like an interesting variation of the 2002 10c Italian coin that I hadn't seen before, where the stars are joined to the edge.  It may be quite rare.


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