According to the several sites, there will be once again a common issue of commemorative coins in June 2015. This time it will commemorate the 30 years of the European flag.

See here: http://www.numismatica-visual.es/2014/11/en-2015-tendremos-moneda-d...

What do you think about it?

I don't like it very much since the common issues are producing tons of almost the same coins. Also, there are 12 stars of the European flag on every euro coin so why do we need to commemorate the flag separately?

I am afraid this issue might discourage a lot of collectors from collecting the euro coins.

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I can offer you a 2 euro coin rolls from Lithuania, in honor of the "30th anniversary of the EU flag":
10 rolls 55.00€ one roll plus shipping 25.00€
20 rolls 54.00€ one roll plus shipping 30.00€
30 rolls 53.50€ one roll plus shipping 32.00€
40 rolls 53.00€ one roll plus shipping 35.00€
50 rolls 52.50€ one roll plus shipping 47.00€

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this forum is to be used for selling coins.


this forum is for news only related to coins 

for selling kindly post in the Market group here


for swapping here


some members that are not interested in swapping or buying would be irritated to find such posts here


Having now assembled all 19 coins, there seem to be three different types. First, the figures are opaque, second, they are clear and third, the areas between the figures are bumpy.

I have created this page to show the differences http://www.eurocollection.co.uk/flag.html - click on a coin to see a larger version.

What do you think - or is it just the way they have been photographed?

You are right, good observation. I think there is even more types, for example, French figures seem to be just outlined by a negative line but on most of others, figures are visibly positive.

I am not sure about the bumps, though. My Slovak coins do have bumps (although subtle).

Also, the quality might be relevant – whether the coin is proof of not.


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