According to the several sites, there will be once again a common issue of commemorative coins in June 2015. This time it will commemorate the 30 years of the European flag.

See here: http://www.numismatica-visual.es/2014/11/en-2015-tendremos-moneda-d...

What do you think about it?

I don't like it very much since the common issues are producing tons of almost the same coins. Also, there are 12 stars of the European flag on every euro coin so why do we need to commemorate the flag separately?

I am afraid this issue might discourage a lot of collectors from collecting the euro coins.

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I think its better to make 1 2 euro coin for all .

its now impossible to collect them all because some are to expensive.

make one europe design for all.

We need a 3 character label for this Joint Issue .... So far we have had


TOR - 2007 Treaty of Rome

EMU - 2009 10 Yr European Monetary Union

TYE - 2012 10 Years of the Euro


I propose EUF


EUF - 2015 30 Years of the European Flag


What do you guys think?



Latvia will gonna issue 1 000 000 UNC and 10 000 BU (in blister) 2 euro CC "30 years of the European Union Flag".

Source: https://pvs.iub.gov.lv/show/398355

Via: http://eiro-monetas.weebly.com/zinas-un-blogs/latvijas-banka-izslud...

The European Commission is giving you the opportunity to vote for the design which will appear on the 2 euro commemorative coin "30 years of EU Flag" that will be issued throughout the whole eurozone later this year. Go here to vote for the design that you refer the most http://www.coin-competition.eu/

tomorrow the winning design will be announced

Euro-area citizens and residents were invited to select the winning design by public web-voting until 27 May 2015, 16:00. The winning coin will be revealed to the public on Thursday 28 May at 15:00. 

A professional jury selected five coin designs among the 62 designs submitted by Euro area mints.

Euro-area citizens and residents were invited to select the winning design by public web-voting until 27 May 2015. The winning design, with 30% of the online vote, was by the hand of Georgios Stamatopoulos from the Bank Of Greece.

same designer who designed the EMU coin

this design also has some similarities to the EMU coin

Meh, boring as hell. :( Stick figures all the time...


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