According to the several sites, there will be once again a common issue of commemorative coins in June 2015. This time it will commemorate the 30 years of the European flag.

See here: http://www.numismatica-visual.es/2014/11/en-2015-tendremos-moneda-d...

What do you think about it?

I don't like it very much since the common issues are producing tons of almost the same coins. Also, there are 12 stars of the European flag on every euro coin so why do we need to commemorate the flag separately?

I am afraid this issue might discourage a lot of collectors from collecting the euro coins.

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I 've seen it written somewhere that perhaps each state minting the coin should also be represented by the country's flag together with the twelve star flag. That would be a great issue.

I would agree with this, however, the flags are usually characteristic by their colours. Since many EMU countries have flags consisting only of stripes of colours (Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, Lithuania...), they would look very similar (if not the same) on the coin which has only one colour.

You 're quite right. Perhaps a geographical profile would be more distinctive, albeit it is already used by Estonia.

Colour can easily be distinguished through the use of lines, dots  and 'shading'... But then why not have a representation of both national and EU flag flying above a national landmark as well? For example Germany's could have a depiction of the Brandenburg Gate in the lower half of the coin, Ireland maybe the GPO building in Dublin?

Just an idea...

So, my humble opinion...

Common issues in general: Good idea in principle, IF the theme is suitably important, for example the Treaty of Rome and 10 years of EMU (not necessarily the 10th anniversary of the issuing of euro notes and coins). But why not choose a theme and then let each country interpret the theme in its own way, similar to how a few countries issues coins commemorating the ECHR.

30 years of European flag: Sorry, this is more a theme for stamps not circulating coins... There must be some really momentous anniversaries coming up worthy of commemoration on a coin... The 1989 peaceful 'revolutions' would be an ideal candidate, or maybe a commemoration of peace in Europe after 1945?

hi how are you?  this is my proposal.. :-)

here for enlarge the image (click on the coin)...



That is a nice design and because you have got "Europa" instead of each country they would only need to issue 1 coin. I like that idea.

Cheers Mike

proposal of this joint issue is confirmed

check this document


Its Good if they can make a general coin for all eurozone without any mark from any countrie, not one with :Portugal ,Spain ,France ,Italy, all common to all, to collect only one not to collect 20 diferent for have a name of the countrie.

I agree and that would make it easy for the EU to put coins in circulation

the EC should mint all the coins and then share them with all the eurozone countries according to their population size!

If this proposal is approved, we'll see 50 or more 2 Euro commemoratives next year. Compared to just 6 we had in 2004. This enormous number of coins will drive more and more people out of collecting them.

There won't be a public designing competition, only European mints will be able to submit designs. The public will be able to vote after a pre-selection of a professional jury. 

The 3 other proposed themes were:

70th Anniversary of the Second World War
65th Anniversary of the Schuman Declaration
50th Anniversary of the Death of Winston Churchill

The coins will be issued in June 2015

 I'm also afraid it discourage collectors, once it is already

happening since each country is issuing a second commemorative 2€ coin.

I for one am resizing the collection, only rare pieces.
few but good


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