Hi! I was looking for differences between the finnish amendments of the euro coins. There were the original set of 1999, the first amendment of 2007 (adding the mint mark and country code) and the second amendment of 2008 (moving the mint mark). But there was also a difference between coins minted in 2010 and those minted 2011 onwards. The difference is the change of the mint mark in the 1 euro and 2 euros coins, and in the coins of 1 cent to 50 cent the mark not only has been changed, like in the 1 euro and 2 euros coins, but also has moved place to the right of the motif.

Can this be considered a new set or a third amendment?

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I had a look on 2€ coins yesterday and will consider 4 variants:
I hope to have a 2012 & 2013 soon, in order to check this out
It seems that there is no information about the of design on the Internet. I really need to know.


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