post here any errors you might see on euro coins or banknotes

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I have a page of variants here:

It's not that clear what the difference between an error and a variant is, but if a few thousand of one type of coin are minted, then that's definitely a variant; if just one is minted that's an error - the dividing line is somewhere in between.  I also prefer differences that you can see clearly with the naked eye.


I would say a variant is when there is an intended change by the mint or government and usually such coins are produced on large scale

Errors are produced by mistake and usually on a small scale
Totally agree with Angus:
- the variant should be seen at naked view, or at least with a normal magnifier.

And as EuroHOBBY says:
- they must be produced in a certain number of copies

I have obtained a Luxembourg €2 coin for 2002 with a Dutch edge.  Has anyone come across that before?

Lux coins 2002 were minted in the Netherlands in 2000 so maybe some Dutch edges were erroneously mixed with the Lux ones :)


I am looking for an Austrian 2 euro coin from 2002 with 2** around the edge instead of 2EURO***.  There seems to be one photo of such a coin on the internet, if it is in fact real -

Has anyone come across one?



I don't know if there is still a lot of interest in this topic, but I found a Monaco 2017 Carabinieri coin with partly missing edge text. (coin on the right)


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