Debate: San Marino, Monaco & Vatican Euro Coins in Circulation...

The Microstates (Vatican, San Marino and Monaco) put a small amount of their euro coins in circulation. Have you ever found one?

If yes where and when?

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I got a few pieces of MON 2014 2e and 1e regular coins, and a few pieces of MON 2e CC 2013 when visiting Monaco. I visited a couple of shops and bought something small from each just to get more return coins. Everybody was happy!

In Germany I´ve found 1x 1 Cent, 2x 2 Cent & 1x20 Cent from San Marino and 1x 2€ from Monaco (1st sereies). Some friends from Germany and Austria gave me 5 Cent, 20 Cent, 2x 50 Cent & 2€ from San Marino (1st series) and 2€ from San Marino (2nd series). Also they gave me Monaco 2€ 2nd series and the 2013 commemorative coin (2x) plus 2€ from Andorra. Some friends from Austria sent me 6 50 Cent coins (2010 - 2015) from Vatican City. They seem to be quite common in southern Austria.

Also a swap parner told me his brother found 50 Cent Vatican 2017 and 50 Cent Monaco 2001 last year in a City in western Germany.

That is quite a good harvest :)


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