Debate: San Marino, Monaco & Vatican Euro Coins in Circulation...

The Microstates (Vatican, San Marino and Monaco) put a small amount of their euro coins in circulation. Have you ever found one?

If yes where and when?

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do you have a shop or something? no common citizen would find that amount

a friend of mine has a newspaper shop and he gives me a lot, but in my place (Treviso) you can find easily 50c Vatican in circulation.... I don't know why, seems that the rolls are distribuited mainly around my place....

San Marino coins instead you can find with no rule around Italy but mainly around S.Marino.....

I found then the Monaco coins in Monaco....during the 2012 gp and during the last fair in december

Monaco 2€ 2012 found in Paris last month :)

Yes, 1 € Monaco : Maubeuge - France

last year

I found before a month a 50 cent 2011 coin of Vatican in the change in a cafe.i went to watch a football match a Sunday.

I did not believed was in good condition.I was very lucky who fall in my hands !!   : )

I live in Belgium and I never, never found in circulation any microstates coin except...... two 2€ CC Botticelli! They were both rather in bad conditions. We talk about the fact also herere on EuroHOBBY, very likely it was the result of a rubbery, because after a couple of week another member found a third Botticelli in circolation in Antwerp.

Never so far.
Hope luck turns in my favour.
Found one of Luxembourg in Luxembourg but later they were available at par in WMF, although restricted to one of each type, per ticket.

In Germany, there is nothing to be found of this.

But I  found !

20 cents San marino  2008 in Potsdam

2 euro Monaco 2001 and 2 euro Vatikan 2010 in Berlin !

Nope, in Slovenia not a single one and I worked in a restaurant for a few years ... LUX are quite common though, also Dutch 1&2c, Slovene, Austrian, German, Italian commemoratives, fewer from other countries but I guess mostly because of distance and "trade routes". SK common (1&2c less), MT and CY quite rare but they come up occasionally. Not a single Estonian coin yet! (or Finnish 1&2c)

Uncirculated Vatican 50 cent is not a hard-to-find coin. When you visit the Museo Vaticano, you can just ask for it at the counters...

They will gladly give it to you as change, or swap it for face value. This happened to me in November 2011.

This particular practice,  helps the Vatican meet the requirement for putting a specific amount of money in circulation. Whereas their 1 euro and 2 euro coins are impossible to find anywhere but at coin dealers (not even a single coin is put in circulation), the defined quota is covered with the circulation of 50 cent coins. 

Yeah the contract with EU should say 80% of each denomination.


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