Debate: San Marino, Monaco & Vatican Euro Coins in Circulation...

The Microstates (Vatican, San Marino and Monaco) put a small amount of their euro coins in circulation. Have you ever found one?

If yes where and when?

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I read this thread with a good reason. I got average quality Monaco 10c 2001 from circulation today in Tallinn where I live! This is absolutely ridiculous! So far I have gotten some later year 1€ and 2€ plus 2€ CC 2013 from a friend of mine in CC condition. Now checking this thread I see that from Monaco, only 2€ has been found from circulation. And now this! It is just unreal, God's miracle I think :) And the design, back in the days of loose rules as we all know.

But other countries... My colleague got Vatican 50c (3. or 4.) from Italy last year and gave it to me, also a friend of mine has gotten San Marino 2€ from supermarket where he works. I have also gotten both of these from swaps too.

€2 is not the only Moneqasque coin in circulation. I have found a €1 coin myself 15 years ago. They have actually brought all their coins in circulation back in 2002. They did so through issuing starter kits for their citizens. I have also found a 50ct and a €1 coin from San Marino in circulation.

I got a few pieces of MON 2014 2e and 1e regular coins, and a few pieces of MON 2e CC 2013 when visiting Monaco. I visited a couple of shops and bought something small from each just to get more return coins. Everybody was happy!

In Germany I´ve found 1x 1 Cent, 2x 2 Cent & 1x20 Cent from San Marino and 1x 2€ from Monaco (1st sereies). Some friends from Germany and Austria gave me 5 Cent, 20 Cent, 2x 50 Cent & 2€ from San Marino (1st series) and 2€ from San Marino (2nd series). Also they gave me Monaco 2€ 2nd series and the 2013 commemorative coin (2x) plus 2€ from Andorra. Some friends from Austria sent me 6 50 Cent coins (2010 - 2015) from Vatican City. They seem to be quite common in southern Austria.

Also a swap parner told me his brother found 50 Cent Vatican 2017 and 50 Cent Monaco 2001 last year in a City in western Germany.

That is quite a good harvest :)


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