Debate: San Marino, Monaco & Vatican Euro Coins in Circulation...

The Microstates (Vatican, San Marino and Monaco) put a small amount of their euro coins in circulation. Have you ever found one?

If yes where and when?

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Two weeks ago, Vatican 50c 2011 (Benedict XVI) found in Ljubljana

Today got 2€ San Marino 2011 in Talsi, Latvia! ;)

Just got 2€ Monaco 2012 in Talsi, Latvia!

In San Daniele del Friuli (north-east Italy):

-2€ RSM 2012

-2€ RSM 2013

-2c RSM 2004

I haven't ever found one, though I have searched trough many many circulated coins :(

This August, on my first vacation day in Italy, somewhere along ther A14 I received San Marino 2€ 2011 as change.

the last week, in Paris 2€ 2010 San Marino.

I live in South of France, sometimes Moanco in circulation 2€ 2011 2012 2€ CC ONU and my last 1€2014

Hi Mouchipiece, 

Do you have doubles of circulated Monaco coins?



Hi Peter,
actually I Have the 2€ 2012 Monaco Albert



today i found Monaco €2 2001 in Circulation

Is this still active? I have found several Vatican 50c so far (Benedict and Francis-portrait).

In March I've also received my first Andorran coin, 20c, in Annecy, eastern France.

San Marino has issued rolls of 2017 20cts, €1 and €2 so these could be found in circulation.


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