Debate: San Marino, Monaco & Vatican Euro Coins in Circulation...

The Microstates (Vatican, San Marino and Monaco) put a small amount of their euro coins in circulation. Have you ever found one?

If yes where and when?

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Never! And I use to look at all the coins they give me.


not me, but one friend found: 1 Euro Vaticano 2004 in circulation. i see them.

best regards, josé


in 2012 I found (Ireland,Dublin)

San Marino 5cnt. 2004

Monaco      2 euro 2001


in circulation...

I found in Germany:

2 euros Monaco 2001

2 euros Vatikan 2010

20 cents San Marino 2008

Unfortunately i've never found any of my own. I only have 2euro of Monaco, 2euro of Vatican and 50cent of Vatican and all three of them were included in a swap. So in Greece is rare to find a coin from these countries.

about everyday (thanks to a friend) I get few 50cents of Vatican.....

today again 1x50c 2011 1x50c 2012

Hi Derek,

I would like to have one of each. As you have so many and I don't have no one from Vatican, maybe we can do a swap! What do you want?

San Marino

1 c

2 c

5 c

I have not found any.

Found San Marino 1 euro 2010 (Ireland,Dublin)

Monaco 2011 2euro coin found from a friend of mine who is working on a train station at the tickets' booth! (at Athens) It is in extremely good condition. Nothing else unfortunately!

Two weeks ago, Vatican 50c 2011 (Benedict XVI) found in Ljubljana


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