Now available: Cyprus Commemorative coin 2017 !!! Swapping ration: 2/1

Swapping: Pls find attached my swap list for my available coins.

ROLLS for sale: Commemoratives 2009 and 20017. Normal coins 2015, 2016, 2017. Please check my excel for prices.

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Hi Sav,
I am interested in a swap (2€ commemorative).
Please send me your email address, then I can send you my swap list.
Thanks and regards, Stephan


I'm interested on the following 2€ commemorative coins from your double coins list:

  • UNC 2009 CYPRUS (EMU);
  • UNC 2015 CYPRUS (30YEUFlag);
  • UNC 2017 CYPRUS (Paphos).

I have got the following 2€ commemorative coins to swap:

  • UNC 2012 PORTUGAL (Guimarães) - only 1:2 (or one rare coin)
  • UNC 2014 PORTUGAL (Carnation Revolution)
  • UNC 2014 PORTUGAL (Family Farmer)
  • UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (Red Cross)
  • UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (Timor)
  • UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (30YEUFlag)
  • UNC 2017 PORTUGAL (P.S.P.)
  • UNC 2017 PORTUGAL (Raul Brandão).

Are you interested?

My e-mail is

Best regards

João Vieira Gomes

I have all of the above coins...


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