I wonder if I start to collect serial 1  to 2 €, all year, all country.


I feel that many people collect this and i've a lot of question about this kind of collect :


- Are you colecting in UNC or in circulated Quality ?

- Are you generaly swapping series against series or is it possible to swap series against 2 €, in this case what is the ratio ?

- Are there any people here who collect only 1,2 and 5 cts like some of my friends ?


Thanks for yous answers



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I dont collect standard coins by years but i collect 1 set per country

if you decide to collect them by year keep in mind that some sets of some years are available in BU sets only and thus you wont find them in circulation

Just curious, how do you decide which set you add to your collection from each county?


Actualy i've only the first serial of each country which start to use euro.

I'm asking to collect all the others years


Best regard


for me any year would do - of course I would buy a new set once a new series is out e.g. Spain in 2010

I know some collectors that buy the year in which the corresponding country had adopted the euro

Hello All,

I start slowly to collect normal coins 1c to 2 €, all year. i've begin with France and i've a lot of bags, small box, rolls...


How do you organize this kind of collect ?

Thanks for advance for share your experience


Hi, I'm from Greece and I'm trying to collect all euro coins of all countries and all years regular or commemoratives but CIRCULATED. I would like to know how can I find if a country had a coin made in that year. For example I can't find french 2 euro after 2003. Why is that happening and how can I have this info for each country? Whoever would like to contact me, or help me find coins, can send me mail at themis_gox@hotmail.com




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