Hi swappers this is my search list

Andorra 2016 1€
France 2002 1ct
Germany A 2016 1ct, 2ct
Germany D 2016 1ct
Germany J 2016 2ct, 2€
Italy 2014 1€, 2€
Italy 2015 50ct, 1€, 2€
Italy 2016 10ct, 20ct, 50ct, 1€, 2€
Latvia 2016 1€
Lithuania 2016 1ct
Netherlands 2002 1ct, 10ct
France 2002 1ct
Portugal 2016 10ct, 50ct
All the coins minted for circulation in 2017
exept Austria, Finland, Luxemburg, and The Netherlands
These coins can be circulated.

All the 2€ cc coins minted after today (UNC)
I hope that you can help me with a few coins.

My swaplist can you find here http://www.lvh-verzamelingen.net/Euroco ... nswap.html
For the 2€ CC here http://www.lvh-verzamelingen.net/Euroco ... nswap.html

Feel free to contact me for the condition of the coins, questions and swap proposals!
you can see my site also for condition, world coins and others http://www.lvh-verzamelingen.net



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