The head of the Andorran Government, Antoni Martí, and the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn, on the 30th June signed an agreement allowing Andorra to issue its own euro coins as from 2013 - something similar like with Vatican, San Marino and Monaco.


This was the final step in the long process of negotiations, thus, made the Andorran euro coins a reality. Andorra will issue 2.3 million in Andorran euro coins per year. The coins are not yet designed.



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Today I acquired these:

With that, Andorra has finally made it their backlog of planned emissions.

Today I acquired these:

Today I acquired this:

Imagine. A 2018 Andorra €2 CC released in early 2018.

Today I acquired this:

Putting the commemorative coins aside for a moment, have Andorra had the regular coins minted in 2015? 

Not yet, but it's early days.

The regular 2 euro coin 2015 has been minted only.

Mintage 240.000

It seems according to ebay that a full set will be produced, coming out in late June or early July.

Probably June or July 2018 going by their track record. They should never have been given the right to mint coins if they can't release them in the correct year

Well, in the mean time it's May 2018 and they have already released a 2018 €2 commemorative coin. So they are actually not that bad at this.

It appears those 2015 coins were minted by the French mint and mixed with French €2 coins.

That is right. The French mint produced 240,000 2€ coin for circulation plus 40,000 coins each for coin sets and 85.000 each of the 2€ commemorative coins.

I already found one of the 2015 2€ coins in my change last year (in Germany).


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