The head of the Andorran Government, Antoni Martí, and the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn, on the 30th June signed an agreement allowing Andorra to issue its own euro coins as from 2013 - something similar like with Vatican, San Marino and Monaco.


This was the final step in the long process of negotiations, thus, made the Andorran euro coins a reality. Andorra will issue 2.3 million in Andorran euro coins per year. The coins are not yet designed.



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The Andorran euro coins 1ct-2 euro will be issued in September according to very good sources. 

There will be issued 75.000 BU sets according to a source who works at the Government of Andorra. This source confirms that they will be issued in September.

will there be proof sets as well?

Well .. It is nearly November and there is still no sign of any Andorra Euro Coins.


What is going on?

Well, it's the end of November and no sign yet of either regular coins or a 2 Euro CC from Andorra. I would be very surprised if any Andorran Euro coin is minted this year.

I heard that the French mint had minted their share of the coins.  Is that true?  Will they have to destroy them? Might some leak into circulation ... ?

according to the news portal Diari d'Andorra the Andorra euro coins will start to appear in circulation from mid-December 2014

Please, could you provide English version of the full report? The link you provided restricts the text and it is in spanish. thanks

The report is subscription only, but the headline (dated 4 December) is Andorran euros will be circulated in 15 days -i.e. on 19 December.  Will they make it? I'm not holding my breath!

The part of the report that can be seen without subscription translates as: Journal of Andorra - Andorra The euro will be in circulation in a fortnight The Andorran euros will begin to circulate in fifteen days and the government has predicted that the country's citizens can ensure that at least they have a complete collection of this historic first pitch. The model chosen will mean that from the day of entry into circulation (between 16 and 19 December, to be determined) every citizen will have the option to collect a variety of currencies including one, two, five, ten, twenty and fifty cents, in addition to one and two euros. In total package cost 3.88 euros, which is equivalent to the value added of the eight coins.

is this folder official?


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