The head of the Andorran Government, Antoni Martí, and the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn, on the 30th June signed an agreement allowing Andorra to issue its own euro coins as from 2013 - something similar like with Vatican, San Marino and Monaco.


This was the final step in the long process of negotiations, thus, made the Andorran euro coins a reality. Andorra will issue 2.3 million in Andorran euro coins per year. The coins are not yet designed.



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So, they are using the former design of 1 € coin? I actually liked the edited design more.

Issuing date of andorran euros delayed (official)

According to a big Italian dealer is the issuance of the Andorran coins postponed to the end of May as the Andorran government has bureaucratic problems with the ECB.

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Hi. Do you have any news regarding Andorran coins?

Yes . . I would like to know too as I will be there in a few days travelling through from Spain to France. Would be good to pick some up if possible.

Cheers Mike

According to an Andorran news site the issuing of the coins has been further delayed but is imminent.  It's all because of matters of logistics (officially), they don't want them to go straight to collectors (!) and two mints are minting them.

Thanks Angus .. I'll be there tomorrow .. looks like i'll be too early :(

Cheers Mike

Does anybody know anything new about Andorran euro coins?

good question but seems that the answer is no !

While I was there on June 7th I asked about them in a coin shop in Andorra La Vella. The man in the  shop said they would not be available to his shop till much later in the year and only in mint sets. He said they would not be getting any rolls or loose coins. 

Cheers Mike

According to the blog "3bun" Andorran coins produces by French mint (yellow cents and 2 € coins) are already minted and will be distributed within France in the mixed rolls.


and will be distributed within France in the mixed rolls.


Which means the market price for these coins will be skyrocketing.


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