Time for a thread about any changes to standard coins for 2017.

So far we have:

- Netherlands and Luxembourg will have a new mintmaster mark following the change of mint master at the Royal Dutch Mint in November 2015.  In 2016 there was a temporary mark consisting of the existing one plus an asterisk.

- San Marino are rumoured to be going to revise their standard coins for 2017 (it is permitted to do so every 15 years).  Eight other countries could also do so, including Luxembourg, which could 'age' the Grand Duke, plus Spain, which could revise 1c-50c but not €1 & €2.

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You're probably right. Having acquired on of these coins in the mean time I have been able to inspect the inscription more closely and it looks more like LP. I don't know what it stands for though.

What I have found though is that AL stands for Arno Ludwig.

Do you know who the Momoni from the inscription on the 20cts coin is?

Yes, Claudia Momoni, who has engraved several coins, as you can see from my euro coin 'marks' page.

So, does anyone know who engraved the €2 coin?


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