Time for a thread about any changes to standard coins for 2017.

So far we have:

- Netherlands and Luxembourg will have a new mintmaster mark following the change of mint master at the Royal Dutch Mint in November 2015.  In 2016 there was a temporary mark consisting of the existing one plus an asterisk.

- San Marino are rumoured to be going to revise their standard coins for 2017 (it is permitted to do so every 15 years).  Eight other countries could also do so, including Luxembourg, which could 'age' the Grand Duke, plus Spain, which could revise 1c-50c but not €1 & €2.

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yes san marino officially announced the change in their numismatic programme for 2017


Brilliant uncirculated divisional coin set with new national sides

Spain already revised their 1-50cts coin designs in 2016, So I doubt they can do so again just seven years later. Moreover, I count nine, not eight, countries other than San Marino which haven't changed their coin designs since 2002 an thus can change it for 2017: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Luxemburg and Portugal.

Yes, I think you're right, although you mean 2010 not 2016!  Finland added 'FI' in 2007, but that probably wasn't enough of a change.

Yes that should have been 2010

More news:

- who knows what the Netherlands and Luxembourg coins will feature, since the mint master Kees Bruinsma has now resigned as well

- the Belgian mint has a new mintmaster - Ingrid van Herzele, so there'll be a new mint mark there this year.

OJEU notice for new design of Vatican coins published today.  That's the fifth design of Vatican coins!


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