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My biannual package from the Sammarinese numismatic office has arrived.

I found that Cyprus will issue its first own CC this year in November, Pafos the Culture Capital of Europe. Tried to find a picture, found this from here https://coin-brothers.com/catalog/coin3737:

Andorra - Centenary of National Anthem

OJEU notices for 2017 commemorative €2 for Andorra
- 100 years of the national anthem http://bit.ly/2hEjFIj
- Andorra, the Pyrenean country http://bit.ly/2hEmxVw

Nine notices in four days!

Lithuania, Belgium, Cyprus, San Marino, Vatican City, Luxembourg plus one I hadn't seen before, Finland - Finnish nature:

I think that just leaves the second coin from Portugal to be announced.

All 2017 OJEU notices now published as of today and all 2017 commemorative coins (except Andorra, of course) now issued.  The only exception is the Italian Livy coin, which seems only to be in sets and not yet in general circulation.


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