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Ireland is going to issue it's first 2 euro CC with the theme "100 years of independence" 

Source: The Dutch dealer Eurocoinhouse

Believe it when you see it. Ireland rarely issue circulating commemoratives, they only issued 1 between 1928 and 1969 (1966) and only 2 (1988 & 2000) between 1970 and 2002, if a coin is issued in 2016 it will be 100 years since the Easter uprising, we didn't gain independence until December 1921 

I find it hard to understand why Ireland hasn't issued a €2 CC so far but I can think of no better event to commemorate with the first than the Easter Rising, a pivotal moment in modern Irish history.

I also find it hard to believe what some other countries have issued coins to commemorate. I mean, Luxembourg is going a bit mad with their issues; France, Portugal, Greece and the Netherlands seem to have it about right, albeit with one or two exceptions...

Is this news report accurate ?    I have not heard any official report in Ireland about this

thanks for the reply  from Neils .  I am still confused  about the theme of the coin , because the  Easter Rising was  1916 but independence didn't come until  1921 after  the treaty was  signed in London .I hope  we get more news  soon

thanks  for  reply  from Neils    .  I hope we get more news soon to clarify the theme of the coin as  the Easter Rising  was  1916 but  independence didn' t come until  after the  treaty signed in London in 1921

Hi, The dutch dealer has wrongly thought  that Easter rising is the same as 100 years of Independence, Indeed the theme for the 2016 coin is "Easter Rising" they just emailed me this. 

In 2016, Slovenia will issue a 2 euro commemorative coin to celebrate its 25 years of Independence



Austria is planning to issue a 2 euro commemorative coin in 2016 entitled "200 Years of the Austrian National Bank"

that would mean a come back for Austria

Ireland is also planning to issue its first national 2 euro commemorative coin in 2016.

Notice of 2016 €2 from Austria in today's OJEU, commemorating 200 years of the Austrian National Bank.  This will only be the second €2 CC from Austria other than the common issues, the first being in 2005.

Subject of commemoration : 200 years of Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Description of the design : The design depicts two gods of Roman mythology featured in the carved relief above the entrance to the main building of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB): to the left, Mercury, the messenger of the gods and the god of merchants and commerce; to the right, Fortuna, the goddess of fate and prosperity, who is portrayed with a horn of plenty. The background picture, running from the left to the right edges of the core, shows the OeNB’s main premises. An ornamental band hugging the bottom of the coin centre evokes the red-white-red pattern of the Austrian national flag, with hatched vertical lines symbolizing the colour red, as laid down in the rules of heraldic design. The years ‘1816’ and ‘2016’ to the left of Mercury refer to the OeNB’s founding year and its bicentennial. The inscriptions running along the edges of the gold-coloured centre read ‘Republik Österreich’ (Republic of Austria) and ‘200 Jahre Oesterreichische Nationalbank’ (200 years Oesterreichische Nationalbank).

The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

Number of coins to be issued : 16 million

Date of issue : 2016


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