this post is for coins found in circulation and are dated 2013

whenever you find one just post here where you found it, from which eurozone state is the coin and the denomination

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found Malta 5c 2013 in circulation - the first since 2008

I think, this coin is in sets only..

that is what i thought but now i have found this in circulation now will see if others spot more

i have also found a 2 euro coin dtd 2013

Just bought 2 day 5cents,2cents and 1cents rolls all dated 2013

I actually found some this week

To confirm that i have found 5 coins val 5cents and also i found 5 coins of 2cents for year 2013

I read this post and went to check the cash in my pocket... found a 5c and 2c. Today i checked the the cash coins of my workmates in the accounts department... found lots of 1c and 2c as well. It seems that there is a good supply of these coins in circulation. 

I am finding regularly in circulation 1 cent, 2 cent and 5 cents so far.

So far Malta has issued the 1c, 2c, 5c and €2 coins dated 2013 in circulation, probably later this year or even in 2014 other denominations will be circulated.

According to the CBM , only 1c-2c-5c and 2 euro dated 2013 will be issued for circulation. 


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