The complete €2 commemorative coin country statistic

Issues Country
11 Finland, Luxembourg, Vatican
10 Italy, San Marino
9 Germany
8 Belgium
7 Portugal
6 France
5 Greece, Spain
4 Monaco, Slovenia
3 Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia
1 Austria
0 Estonia, Ireland, Cyprus

As a special bonus here you can see the price trend for the 2 Euro Grace Kelly including average, minimum and maximum price:


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I could be wrong but I get 13 coins in 2012 not 14 so total should be 113.


I think the criteria is for unique coins from each country (German 5 mints counted as 1) plus add only one of each of the common issues (3) and include all coins either minted or proposed to be minted up to the end of 2013.


So by country the totals should be as you have above except San Marino I think should be 9 not 10.


I suppose it depends on whether you call the 2012 San Marino TYE coin as a unique coin or part of the common issues. To me it is the same as the common issue coin and should not be included as a unique coin?


Anyone else agree or disagree?


Cheers Mike 












First of all thanks for sharing and comments.

We see the 2 Euro commemorative coin of San Marino as a separate issue, as it is not an official part of the common issues. Whats your opinion about that?

I agree that the San Marino TYE is not part of the common issue - in fact the San Marino issue was published in a separate article in the official Journal of the EU and that is an official indication that it is not part of the common issue

Same for Germany =5, the EU only publishes one and thus the rest are all variants of the same coin

same for Malta =2 (2012, 2013)

Thanks for your thoughts Frank & Eurohobby admin. I will defer to your argument. I just threw it out there as I wasn't sure if the San Marino 2012 TYE issue should be regarded as a separate coin or not. It is basically the same design as the common issue TYE and could easily be included with the common issue coin by the casual observer. As you have pointed out it is technically a separate issue and therefore the total coin issues as per the criteria should be 114 not 113.


Cheers Mike 

Just as an interesting addition to the discussion . . I think there are 205 2 Euro CC Coins issued or to be issued by the end of 2013 in total. This includes Common Issues, German mint variants etc. Is this correct?


Cheers Mike


I found 111 different coins!

If you sum from your table Austria 1+ Malta 3... +Vatican 11, you will get 111, not 113 or 114!

The country list does not include the common issues of which there have been 3 (TOR, EMU & TYE). If you add them as 3 individual coins to the 111 especially unique coins issued by separate countries there have been 114 issued.


The list by year at the top does include them and does add up to 114.


Cheers Mike

Hello Mike

Than is correct!


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