hi i'm from slovenia. only for swap.

i'm looking for these coins :

Andora : all

Belgium: 2017,2016bouth,2015bouth,2014red cross,

Cyprus: all

Estonia: flag,2016

Finland:2017,2016georg henrik,2015bouth,2014bouth,2013silanpaa,10years,2011bank,2010currency, emu, 2008human rights,tor,2005united nations,2004european union.

France: 2012 abbe pierre, 2013 coubertin

Greece: 2011 special olimpics,2016bouth,2017

Italia: 2017,emu



Luxembourg:2017,2015bouth,2014bouth,2013anthem,2012bouth,2011grand duc,2010arms,2009bouth, 2008chateau de berg,tor,2006,

Malta: all

Monaco: all

Netherlands: 10years,flag

Portugal:2015red cross,2014bouth,2013torre,2012bouth,2011fernao mends pinto,2008human rights

San Marino: all

Vatican: all

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