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National coin distributers

Does anyone have a list of the national banks or post offices which, when in the country, one can visit to get 2 euro commemorative coins?

UNC set Luxembourg 2018

Hi everybody

I have a lot of UNC sets of 2018 Luxembourg from 1c to 2€

If interested contact me:

2019 €2 Commemorative Coins

Ireland are producing another €2 in 2019, their second one that isn't part of a common issue, to celebrate the centenary of the first sitting of the Dáil (Irish Parliament).

List of circulation coins minted in 2018

Hey folks! 

Please help me with this project and add coins to the list, wich were minted for circulation in 2018.

- Andorra ???

- Austria 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Cent & 1€

- Belgium ???…

How to clean coins without cosing damage?

Interested in how you are cleaning your coins.

Swap Euro Coins

Swap USA Coins for Euro Coins

Hello Collectors and Swappers - I am Ron and I live in Michigan USA.   I like to swap USA Coins for Euro Coins.  Any year, any country and any denomination.  If you are interested please let me know.  I also have some USA Banknotes if you are interested.  Thank You.  Wish you a wonderful day.

Coin swap

Hello everybody!

My name is Salva, and I from Spain. This is my list of 2€ commemorative coins to swap:

Italy 2004, 2005, 2011, 2013

Belgium 2010, 2008

France 2017, 2017,

Luxemburg 2005

Spain 2016

Greece 2004

Deutschland 2014(D), 2011(J), 2018(G)

Holand 2013

If anyone is interest in swap coins contact with me


I would like to found one available collector in each Euro Country to buy at the bank price and shipping to Portugal commemorative coins.

I will do the same for Portguese coins.

The coins are only for me, i don´t make bussines with my hobbie.

Waiting for your contact



A bunch of old circulated coins

Dear Coin-Collectors

I have a bunch of old coins (maybe around half a kilo) and some banknotes. The bunch contains old non-Euro coins from EE, FI, IE, BE, NL, IT and PT, as well as coins from England, Russia, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Jugoslavia, Guatemala and Turkey. 

Is someone interested or should they find their way into the metal trash?



New updatated lists from Italy

Hi to every one.

These are my updated lists

Euro that I offer (EuroOffro) FDC = Uncirculated, QFDC = Almost UNC.

No-Euro I offer (AltroOffro)

They are in Italian but I think they're enough clear.

I looking for

San Marino Lit

1 Ruble CCCP

English Coins



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